Is it time to replace your older resistor trimming system?

RapiTrim laser resistor trimming systems combine modern hardware and software with worldwide support.

Upgrading from an end of life or obsolete resistor trimming system.

As resistor trimming systems designed the 1980’s and 1990’s reach their end of life, manufacturers are increasingly forced to choose between continuing to perform repairs as well as commit to increasing time spent performing maintenance versus purchasing new equipment. Avoiding unplanned downtime and the high cost of repairing obsolete manufacturing equipment must be balanced against the cost of new capital equipment.

PPI Systems works with customers at every stage of the purchase to assist in making the decision to upgrade, designing of systems to fit perfectly into their production line, initial job creations, training and support.

Easy Integration

We’ll work with you every step of the way, from initial application decisions, sample processing and job creation, customization and complete installation of the system. And then we’ll be there to provide advice and support going forward. 

With nearly 20 years experience working with laser processing, PPI systems has the experience needed to ensure a problem-free installation.

Higher yields, quality and volumes.

Modern resistor trimming systems take advantage of the most modern hardware options available. Critical components such as lasers, cameras, stages and galvo controls, take advantage of the latest advancements which translates into faster, more adaptable laser resistor trimming systems which meet modern specifications and applications.

Modern Laser Trimming Optional Features

Options include stack loaders, automated probe-tip change, custom fixturing, switching matrix, external instrument support, bar-code readers and process sequence customization.