PPI Systems Laser Drilling and Resistor Trimming Systems

PPI Systems introduction video

PPI Systems Profile

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, PPI designs and manufacturers turn-key laser drilling and resistor trimming systems for the electronic interconnect and component markets from it's 23,000 square foot production facility.

RapiTrim Laser Resistor Trimming Systems

flying probe tip exchange

RapiTrim-C Automatic Probe Tip Exchange

Anytime a change in probe tips is required, the current set (one or all) can be unloaded into an empty holder and fresh tips loaded from an adjacent holder.

flying probe operation

Flying Probe Operation

Standard models incorporating PPI's high-speed flying probe technology eliminate probe cards with their inherent limitations, providing many advantages.

laser resistor trimmer stack loader

Stack Loader

Both load and unload stacks are located in the front of the system for easy access. Substrates up to 200 x 200 mm are loaded by vacuum pickup.

ProVia Laser Via Drilling Systems

laser driller tray removal

FP-UC Compact Loader - Tray Removal

Demonstration of a tray removal and reload in a ProVia FP-UC dual CO2 and UV laser drilling system.

laser driller process

ProVia Laser Processing

Operation of a ProVia laser UV and CO2 via drilling system in the PPI main application laboratory. 

laser resistor trimmer and laser via driller automation

ProVia and RapiTrim Automation

This automation scheme applies to both the ProVia laser drillers / cutters and the RapiTrim fixtureless trim and test systems.

ProVia Compact Loader Operation

Short video demonstration of the compact loader operation on a ProVia FP-UC Laser Via Drilling System.