RapiTrim Resistor Trimming Systems

rapitrim laser resistor trimming system wafer trimming system

RapiTrim Laser Trimming Systems

PPI Systems designs and manufactures the most advanced turnkey laser resistor trimming solution for modern hybrid circuits and electronic components in the world. We have over 20 years’ experience creating resistor trimming systems which have been adopted by the largest thick and thin film manufacturers globally. Features include:

  • Flying probe, probe card and custom probing solutions 
  • Passive or active trimming options with custom fixtures
  • Designed with modern software and hardware with higher speeds and increased reliability
  • Optional substrate handling, magazine loaders, external instrument support and process sequence customization
  • ProSys resistor trimming software provides many benefits to both process development as well as high volume production
  • Global customer and technical support

Able to handle both high-mix, low volume and high-volume applications with ease, RapiTrim systems are easy to install with intuitive software with decades of combined application experience shared by our engineering and R&D groups. No matter what your job specification, there is a RapiTrim laser resistor system to meet your needs.

RapiTrim Component and Circuit Trimming Systems

Turnkey laser resistor trimming systems for thick and thin film hybrid circuits and electronic components with the ability to handle both high-mix and high-volume production.

  • IR and Green and short-pulse laser systems
  • Measurement through probe card, flying probe or custom test systems
  • Automation including stack loaders, magazine loaders, in-line and custom options
  • Full support for software control and connection of external instruments with integrated active trim sequence scripting

No matter what your job specification, there is a RapiTrim laser resistor system to meet your needs.

RapiTrim Chip Resistor Trimming Systems

PPI probe card-based resistor trimming systems are designed specifically to work with extremely complex and demanding chip resistor trim applications. This type of high-volume production requires the high speeds and accuracies found in the modern software and hardware design advances of next generation RapiTrim resistor trimming systems.

  • IR and Green laser models designed for high-volume production of chip resistors and chip arrays
  • Setting the new standard with wireless probe cards in chip resistor trimming systems
  • Probe card assembly designed for chip resistors with standard linear arrangement of pins
  • High performance 4-axis prober with precision step-and-repeat substrate handler
  • Automatic planarization (roll/pitch) and Z calibration
  • Automatic job setup
  • Automatic probe card cleaning and tip scrubbing station 
  • Optional temperature-controlled chuck
  • Automation including stack loaders, magazine loaders, in-line and custom options

RapiTrim Semiconductor Wafer Trimming Systems

The RapiTrim-S is a high performance, turnkey laser trimming system for the optimization of linear and mixed-signal IC devices on semiconductor wafers. Spots sizes range from 6 to 12 microns.

  • IR Laser trimming and wafer probe system with superior laser control ensuring better precision and accuracy when compared to older designs
  • Simplified integration of industry standard automated testing equipment (ATE) through hardware and advanced ProSys wafer trimming software allowing control of the trimmer through ATEs
  • Compatible with industry standard probe cards
  • Intuitive ProSys software to facilitate rapid job setup and new process development
  • 300×300 mm vacuum chuck for up to 12″ wafers
  • Automatic run-time calibration for optimum process integrity
  • Industry standard wafer loader/unloader options to facilitate the transfer of your wafers safely and efficiently during the manufacturing process.

RapiTrim Optional Features

RapiTrim laser resistors have been designed from the ground up to meet modern specifications. Whether this involves third party handling systems, robotics, process sequence customization or other user specified needs, PPI trimmers are adaptable to all applications.